All Geared Lathe Machines
  Technical Specifications
Bed Length
 5'6" to 14'
Bed Width
 12 3/4" (Std.) 
Centre Height
 10" (Std) & 12" (Optional)
Spindle Hole
 2-1/8" (Std.)
  Detailed Specifications
Specifications AccEnt:101 AccEnt:102 AccEnt:103 AccEnt:104 AccEnt:105 AccEnt:106
Length of Bed 1670 2130 2740 3040 3650 4260
Max. admit between centres 555 1015 1625 1925 2535 3145
Width of Bed 323
Height of Centre/Optional 254/305
Max Swing over bed dia./Optional 480/581
Max. Swing without gap dia./Optional 785/886
Max. over cross slide dia./Optional 285/386
Width of gap in front of face plate 205
Hole of Spindle 52
Taper in Tail Stock Spindle MT-4
Taper in Main Spindle nose bush MT-6
Lead Screw dia. & pitch 38(4TPI)
No. of Metric threads & range (without changing gears) 24(2-30TPI)
No. of Metric threads & range (without changing gears) 12(0.5-6mm)
No. of spindle speeds 8(30-1235 RPM)
Power of AC motor (1440 RPM) KW/HP 2.2/3
Approx. weight in kgs. 1400 1500 1600 1800 2000 2200

Headstock is All Geared type located on flat bed ways. 8 spindle speeds are obtained by the help of 2 levers conveniently located. With the help of these levers spindle speeds are obtained in steps of 30 to 1235 RPM. Headstock gears are made out of special alloy steel and are hardened & profile ground. These gears are mounted on hobbed spline shafts and run in oil bath. Reversible type oil pump is fitted for lubrication. The main spindle is made of high tensile steel and is induction hardened & ground. This is rigidlyl mounted on 2 precision Taper Roller Bearings. Oil Glass Windows are provided to check oil level and output of the oil pump.

Bed is interted 'V' type and deep in section which is made of close grained cast iron with diagonal webs to withstand torsional strains. The bed is strongly braced with cross ribs which provides a rigid frame work to the machine so that initial accuracy of the machine is maintained throughout its life. The lathe bed is Hardened & Ground with hardness of over 350 BHN

Carriage is mounted on invert 'V' and flat guideways of the bed. Carriage is wide enough to have a maximum bearing surface with rigid tool support. The slides are accurately scrapped. This carries the cross slide and the compound rest with a 4-way indexing tool post. Wipers are fitted to prevent chips entering underneath. The operating screws are fitted with friction grip micrometer dials. A dial indicator is provided to facilitate easy engagement of the leadscrew for thread cutting.

Apron is double wall oil bath type designed with independent drive motion for feeds and screw cutting with interlocking arrangements. Worm and Worm Gear is used to engaged auto feed for surfacing and sliding. Gun Metal Bush is fitted on Worm to decrease wear and tear. All gears, bearings and the worm are lubricated from the oil sump provided.

Tailstock moves on 'V' and flat guideways of the bed. Cross movement is incorporated for turning of slight tapers. The Hardened & Ground tailstock spindle is made from EN-8 steel with internal grinding having MT-4 taper.

Standard Accessories Hardened & Ground Guideways, Universal Gear Box, Dog Plate, True Chunk Plate, Centre Adoptor, Dead Centres-2 Nos., Tool Post Spanner, Change Gear Set, Electricals (Motor & R/F Switch), 'V' Belts and Oil Can.

As improvement are constantly made in our machines, the above specifications, dimensions and weights are subjects to change without notice and not binding on us.
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