Medium Duty Lathe Machines
  Technical Specifications
 Bed Length
 4'6" to 14'
 Bed Width
 11" (Std.)
 Centre Height
 9" (Std.)
 Spindle Hole
 2" (Std.)
  Detailed Specifications
  Medium Duty


M1 M2 M3
 Length of Bed 1370 1600 1825
 Max. Admit between Centres 550 775 1000
 Height of Centre 228
 Ma. Swing over Bed dia. 393
 Max. Swing without Gap dia. 593
 Max. over Cross Slide dis. 248
 Width of Gap in front of Face Plate 140
 Width of Bed 280
" V" size of Bed for Carriage 31.75
 Hole of Spindle 51
 Head Stock Back Gears 8 DP
 Spindle dia. 51
 Spindle Travel 160
 Taper of Centres MT-4
 Carriage & Apron Length 380
 Cross Slide Width 175
 Compound Slide Travel 130
 Tool Post (Square) 100
 Tool Shank Section 25 X 25
 No. Speeds &: Range 8
 Lead Screw dia. & Pitch 32.4 TPI
 No. Inch threads and range 19, 2 to 24
 No. Metric threads and range  13, 1 to 6
 Change Gear Set 12 DP
 Power of AC Motor (HP) 1.5 1.5 2
 Approx. weight in Kgs.  570 660 750

Bed : The bed is made of graded cast iron with strongly braced ribs, which is hardened upto min. 350 BHN. The bed is fine cut ground and thoroughly inspected.

Head Strock : The square designed head stock with hardened spindle mounted on two precision Taper Roller bearings gives rigidity to the machine even in heavier cuts. Helical back gears can also be fitted for smooth rotation in lieu of Spur Back Gears.

Saddle : The specially designed Long & Heavy saddle mounted on invert 'V' and flat ways of the Bed, which carries the long cross slide and compound rest with heavy square tool post. The operating screws are fitted with micrometer dials. A dial indicator is provided to facilitate easy engagement of leadscrew for thread cutting.

Apron : It is four walled designed with independent drive motion for feeds and screw cutting with interlocking arrangements. All best quality gears, bearings and worm with GM bushing are lubricated from the oil sump provided.

Tail Stock : It is mounted on inner V and flat ways of the bed with precision ground spindle with internal grinding. It can be offset for taper turning.

Standard Equipments : True Chunck Plate, Dead Centres-2 Nos., Centre Adopter, Tool Post Spanner, Motor Pulley, Change Gear Set of Whitworth & Metric Threads.

Extra Accessories : Steady Rest, Follow Rest, Rear Tool Post, Face Plate, Norton Gear Box, Taper Turning Attachment, Copy Turning Attachment, Turret Attachment and Special Attachment as per customers' requirements.

As improvement are constantly made in our machines, the above specifications, dimensions and weights are subjects to change without notice and not binding on us.
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