Heavy Duty Lathe Machines
  Technical Specifications
 Bed Length
 5'6" to 22'
 Bed Width
 12 3/4" (Std.) & 14 3/4"
 Centre Height
 10" (Std) to 18" (in 1" graduation)
 Spindle Hole
 2-1/8" (Std. to 6-1/8"
  Detailed Specifications

(Dimensions are  in mm)

  Length of Bed 1670(5'6") 2130(7") 2740(9') 3040(10") 3650(12") 4260(14") 4870(16')
 Max. admit     between centres 555(1'9") 1015(3'3") 1625(5'3") 1925(6'3") 2535(8'3") 3145(10'3") 3755(12'3")
 Height of Centre 254(10")
 Width of Bed 323(12 3/4")
 Max.Swing over  bed dia. 480(1'7")
 Max Swing without gap dia. 785(2'7")
 Max. Over cross slide dia. 285(11")
 Width of gap in front of face plate 205(8")
 Hole of Spindle 52(2 1/8")
 Taper of centres MT4
 Lead screw dia.
 & Pitch
 No. of Inch.  threads & range 19(2 to24  (TPI)
 No. of Metric.  threads & range 13 (1 to 6 mm pitch)
 No. of spindle  speeds 8 (25 to 460 RPM)
 Power of AC   Motor 3 ph
 (1440  RAM) 
2 HP 2 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 3 HP 5 HP
 weight in kgs.
1350 1500 1600 1800 2000 2200 2400

Bed:The bed is deep in section and made of graded cast iron with diagonal webs to withstand torsional strains. The bed is strongly braced with cross ribs which provieds a rigid frame work to the lathe so that the initial accuracy of the lathe is maintained throughout its life. This is also provided with gap bed.

Head Strock:The headstock is of cone pulley type and the spindle pulley with GM Bushing. The spindle is of EN-8 steel of high tensile strength, Hardened and Ground having threaded nose running in plain parallel lead bonze bearings. Also with internal grinding for centre adaptor for more accuracy. Eight spindle speeds are obtained, four higher speeds and four lower speeds by applying the Helical backgearing;

Saddle:The saddle is mounted on invert V and flat ways of the bed and thus the carriage has a long bearing on tebed. This carries the cross slide and the compound rest with square tool post. The operating screws are fitted with micrometer dials. A dial indicator is provided to facilitate easy engagement of the leadscrew for thread cutting.

:It is of double walled designed with independent drive motion for feeds and screw cutting with interlocking arrangements. All gears and bearings and the worm are lubricated from the oil sump provided.

Tail Stock:The tail stock is mounted on inner V and flat ways of the bed with the hardened and ground spindle made from EN-B steel with internal grinding for dead centres and other tools.

Standard Equipments:Face Plate, Dog plate, Centre Adopter, 2 Nos. Dead Centres, Tool Post Spaner, Change Gear Set of BSW and mm Pitch, Steady Rest, Follow Rest and Motor Pulley.

As improvement are constantly made in our machines, the above specifications, dimensions and weights are subjects to change without notice and not binding on us.
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